Pet Stain And Odor Removal

Pet Stain & Odor Removal in St. Petersburg 

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What are you supposed to do when you have scrubbed at a stain on your valuable sofa for hours to no avail, or have attempted in vain to put multiple fresheners in your bathroom, but it still smells of pet urine? There are certain substances that just refuse to go away, no matter how you tackle them. If you are dealing with this frustrating circumstance, talk to our team at Dynamic Steam Carpet Cleaners for our superior services of pet stain and odor removal in St. Petersburg.

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Getting Rid of the Lingering Carpet Odors Created by Pets

As a pet owner, you love your furry friends, but may have resigned yourself to always having to deal with smelly, unsightly carpets, especially if your pet is not fully house-trained. But if you’re serious about maintaining the state of your flooring, Dynamic Steam Carpet Cleaners can help! As an established carpet and tile cleaning service in St. Petersburg, FL, we have the tools and skills to eliminate even the strongest pet odors and the toughest stains, from urine to drool. This will allow you and your pet to enjoy your home together, without the unpleasant side effects of lingering odors and marks.

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Thorough Removal of Terrible Stains in Your Home

It is amazing just how long bad smells can stick around, even if the visible signs of an incident have long been removed. In some instances, even if a spill has been thoroughly washed away so there are no indicators of stains or spots, the very molecules of an unpleasant odor will bury themselves so deeply into the surface that there is just no way to remove it by normal means. The good news is that our technicians come fully equipped with the proper tools and cutting-edge methods to take away even the most obstinate odors.

Reach out to us if you are ever looking to get rid of smells involving:

  • Cigarettes
  • Smoke and burned food
  • Strong spices and ingredients like curry 
  • Sewage or rotting waste
  • Grease and oil
  • Mold and mildew
  • Vomit and other human byproducts
  • Dead animals
  • Dander and dust
  • Smells remaining from cooking 
  • Cleaning products
  • Heavy fragrance sprays
  • Marijuana 
  • Volatile organic compounds


The Importance of Destroying Remaining Smells & Stains Right Away

Even though the remnants of stains and bad odors, from pet urine to smoke, are unpleasant, there is yet another reason for getting these removed as soon as you can. People with sensitivity to these products will discover that their allergies and other symptoms, ranging from migraines to respiratory problems, will be greatly irritated and enflamed. In some cases, too much exposure can cause long-term defects, such as with pregnant women and infants. To keep those you care about safe from these hazards, reach out to Dynamic Steam Carpet Cleaners for trustworthy cleaning care.

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